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read/write access

I've seen several other threads about people having problems giving read access to all on their usb-drives. Those threads were more than a year old though. 


When I try to setup my drive I have the exact opposite problem: even if the menu in routerlogin.net  - advanced - usb functions - ReadyShare Storage shows read access to be set to admin only - I can still play all media files within from my ps4 without entering a password.


Any solution to this?


Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: read/write access

I've got an R8000 and the p/w works for me? Well, I actually have the opposite. I have p/w protected the root of the drive and a subfolder which holds my media is set to no password for the share. My DLNA clients can't handle p/w's and report share not found if I p/w protect them.


Do you have another device that can access the share? Say a PC, phone, tablet, using a browser or a Command prompt, even if File Manager? FTP to the share?


Is it possible after you made the share with a p/w you did get prompted for the p/w and entered it and PS4 saved it? On my PC that I use to access the root which is p/w protected I have a Windows Credential saved so I don't need to enter the p/w when I connect. Could the PS4 be doing the same thing?

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Re: read/write access

I've never entered any other password into my ps4 than the one to PSN and the one to my wifi (to get access to the net) so an auto-login seems highly unlikely.


I've tried with other units and they cant see the folder, neither can my ps4, but the content of the folder is still available and can be viewed.

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Re: read/write access

Without seeing your page that has the share defined, it is hard to imagine this happening? Look at my Screen Capture on the left..


I've got TWO shares on the SAME drive. Basically the ROOT is p/w protected, and a sub-folder of a folder in the root is NOT p/w protected.


Only my PC with that password has access to the root and all sub-folders. However since my DLNA clients can't handle a p/w request and when I try to access the USB share I got that is wasn't found as an error, I had to create the p/w free sub-folder so the clients will work.


Wondering if you have a situation like that?

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