router speed limit?


router speed limit?

I recently changed my internet to AT&T internet 1000 (fiber).  When I tested my direct connection to the modem, marked 988Mbps. But, using Wifi with my router (R6700 Nighthawk AC 1750), I always gets about 400Mbps (+/- 50Mbps) in 5G Hz. I don't get what makes this difference.  I tried to update the router firmware but nothing changed. Is there anything else that I can try?  Is it impossible to reach the speed range that I got in the wired test?  Thought?


Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: router speed limit?

If the distance between the router and your wifi device is between 6-12 feet, the wifi speed you are reporting sounds about right, according to benchmark reviews like this =

(that is the Netgear R6400 model, that should be close to your 6700 models performance)


There is aso this review(using the R6700 model) =


The max 5 GHz download speed achieved on the R6400 model was 544Mb download, but that is when the wifi device is place right in front of the antennas on the Netgear that is mostly for theoretical purposes.  And speaking of "theoretical peformance", the 1300Mb 5GHz speed, is more of a wifi protocol the router supports and should not be considered the speed you actually get in real-life performance!  ;-)


If you want a wifi speed closer to 1000Mb, you would need a newer Netgear router, that has a faster processor.


What you can do to maximaze your current speeds, is to have you wifi device placed as close as possible to your router, experiment with heights too(ideally your wifi device would be close to same height as the routers antennas).


Update the QoS database in the router, BUT leave the QoS feature disabled(I'm using my R7000 model as reference, don't know how the options look like on the 6400 model).

If the router supports the "transmit power" function, leave it at 100%


If your router supports the "smart connect feature"(where the 2.4GHz and 5GHz are mixed together in a single SSID, to automatically give max performance depending on your wifi enviroment" you could try an enable this feature and see if it increases the performance on your wifi devices.


Consider these things and let us know what results you got!  :-)

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Re: router speed limit?

@Mr_DJ wrote:

Update the QoS database in the router, BUT leave the QoS feature disabled


This is important advice. Netgear advises disabling QoS when you have a Gb connection, probably because you don't need it.


Mr_DJ is also right on wifi speeds. They will never be as fast as wired, and what you get depends not on the labels on the side but on the technology involved, especially your wifi clients.


What do you do with your wifi that makes 400Mbps seem slow?

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