slow connection issue with new r7450


slow connection issue with new r7450

Having slow internet connection with nighthawk routers my mbps speed is 0.2 - 0.8.  I should be getting anywhere from 100 mbps to 150.  I have Cox internet.   The first router I bought a week ago was a Nighthawk r6900.  I never could get a mbps above 0.8.  Worked with netgear to resolve the problem but couldn't.  Had Cox come out and check my lines and everything was good.  Modem tested good (supposedly) and get a good mbps when modem is hooked directly to the computer but mbps drops low again when hooked to the router.  Okay so Cox decided it must be the router.  I returned the router last night  and bought the Nighthawk r7450.  Same thing is happening mbps speed through router is 0.2 - 0.8.  It doesn't matter if the if my computer is hsard wired to the router or if I'm on wifi... still get the same low mbps.  Now the online techs at Cox are trying to tell me that the reason  is the router I bought (R7450) is meant to be used in the mountains and since I live in a midsize town in Kansas the router is trying to pull in to much information form the other wireless networks and that is why I get a low mbps rates.  Is this true or is it BS from Cox because they really want pushing me to rent their modem/router combo?    

Model: R7450|Nighthawk AC2600 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: slow connection issue with new r7450

their mountain theory is total BS.  Ignore that. Makes me question what else they've told you. 

That means time for testing.

some questions first.

What modem is it? Firmware on it?

What firmware is on your router?

How are you testing this? Aka describe the device you're using, website your testing speed with, hardwired/wired, etc. 

Try replacing the ethernet cable between the modem and router with a new one or one you are sure works properly. 

Make sure for the speedtesting to do it all over a hardwired connection.


A couple steps to help isolate the problem. I know you said cox tested it but we've established their tech skills with their mountain statement. 

Start by directly connecting to the modem with your computer. What speeds do you get?

power down the modem and router. Turn the modem back on. Give it a couple minutes to fully boot. Plug it into the wan port on the router. Power it up. give it a couple minutes. Then speed test it. What speeds do you get?


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