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the moderator

This is to the smart ass un-professional moderater that is suppose to provide Netgear customers with answers to this questions/problems. I have been in IT for over 35 years, manager service/support groups and call centers. If you were my employee, I would have fired your ass the first time a reviewed one of your condescending smart ass remarks! I can't believe a company the size of Netgear would tolerate your treatment of customers that could take their business to your competiters.



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Re: the moderator

> This is to the smart ass un-professional moderater [...]

   Not much of an identification.

> [...] I have been in IT for over 35 years, [...]

   And, with all that experience, that was the best complaint you could

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Re: the moderator

Unknowingly due to your lack customer maturity and decorum you have proven my point exactly. I would love to hear from someone that has actually held a role or position that was accountable to customer satisfaction.

You have proven my point without any other exchanges required.

This test was designed to capture these exact responsives.

I appreciate your quick response. We will include it with your other responses in our survey.

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Re: the moderator

I agree. In generally  moderator at Netgear Community does not respond to customer complaints properly.

Always blame customers, try reading on the topic R8500 and D700V2


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Re: the moderator

You should know that this community is essentially a user-to-user venue with some input from a small band of Netgear techies.


Most of the answers come from fellow users who have no connection with Netgear. They just have a lot of collective experience and are familiar with the sort of problems that turn up here.


If you want "official" support then you should go through the right channels.


Contact Us | Support | NETGEAR


Whatever you do, avoid placing a phone call to any of the numbers that come up in a web search. Many are scams, as this discussion reveals:


Tech Support a Scam - NETGEAR Communities



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