unwelcomed user on my network

unwelcomed user on my network

When I see which devices are connected to my network here is one unwelcomed mysterious device which is a smartphone. Thats the only device, and it shows up in different times of the day like afternoon or 4 am. Sometimes its not there.

I went ahead and blocked its access, but the device still shows up as “blocked” and takes an ip address. Is there a way to completely ban this device? I can’t change passwords, too many devices and too many users.
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: unwelcomed user on my network

Blacklist the MAC OR Whitelist your authorized devices. A password change as noted would indeed force it to reauth to your router. Otherwise, I am not recommending this but you could send a crafted deauth packet to that device to force it to reauthenticate to your router but obviously they know your pass :/

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