usb 3.0 at 2.0 speeds


usb 3.0 at 2.0 speeds

I recently purchased a nighthawk ac1900. It arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with performance so far, but the USB ports dont seem to be working correctly. I am only able to get 3-6 mbps upload and 6-9 mbps download to my wd my passport ultra (2tb USB 3.0) depending on distance from router. I get equal performance from both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and have tried multiple drives and computers. This is enough for streaming, but makes backups and transfering large files a huge time consuming chore. I am leaning towards returning it or RMA since this was a major selling point. I hope I am simply missing something. I thought that drive was on the compatibility list. Any advice? I can't seem to find a solution.

PS. In case it matters, I am currently using 2.4 ghz wirelessN (upgrading soon), and when I transfer netgear genie displays "high traffic" and shows much higher up/dl speed (40-90 mbps). Only the write speed doesnt match. There is also a buzzing the comes from the router when handling high data wifi transfers, and gets very loud when I access the hdd.
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Re: usb 3.0 at 2.0 speeds

So I have done a little more research today, and am seeing that my write speeds are in MB/s and the genie reports in mbps. So I understand that discrepency, but are these speeds all I can expect from the usb storage solution over wifi? That would be dissapointing. I will run out tomorrow and purchase an extra ethernet cable to see what effect that has, but my setup isnt conducive to wired connections. Would I be recieving similar transfer speeds with a dedicated nas wired to the router (my laptop would still be wireless)? What effect would improving my wireless card have on these numbers?
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