weak wireless signal out the box


weak wireless signal out the box

Hello all.

I received my r7000 yesterday. Hooked laptop up to LAN port and configured the LAN and WiFi while on my couch. After configuring the WiFi, I joined the network and noticed that I was only getting 3 bars with the router only a foot away?!

I updated the firmware, still experiencing weak signal strength.

All my devices are N compatible and the symptom(s) I am experiencing are:
1 - weak signal strength
2 - SSID on network on device(s) show either out of range or not even available just 10-20 feet away

I have a 6 year old Linksys a/b/g that shows up with full bars. I don't think it's my house for I put the r7000 in the same spot. I have noticed that the r7000 is running pretty warm... which doesn't bode well. Does yours run warm as well?

Things I have tried:
1 - updated firmware. test.
2 - turned off 20/40 compatibility. test. turned on 20/40. test again.
3 - played with 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz mbps; I may be mistaken but this adjusts the bandwidth? tested each setting.
4 - named 2.4ghz 2SSID2 and 5ghz 5SSID5 to test what my wireless N NICs are seeing and trying to connect to... only 2SSID2 shows up and disappears entirely if I'm not literally on top of the router.
5 - for giggles, turned off/on radio signal
6 - reseated antennas

I am pretty baffled... I am not sure if it is a setting issue or something else. I did look at the performance degradation thread briefly and couldn't delineate if my symptoms are similar since most posters are still connected to the r7000.

Any advice and guidance is much appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: weak wireless signal out the box

Look at each antenna plug to be sure the center pin is not bent causing a short. I would return it just the same.
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Re: weak wireless signal out the box

I would try re-installing the antennas first. They are easy to get cross threaded or installed improperly due to their shape.

You might also try upgrading the firmware to the latest version.

You should be getting four bars even two rooms over from the router. Low power is not normal. You should swap it out for another one if you are still getting low power.
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[SOLVED] weak wireless signal out the box


So I went home for lunch and played around with it some more... and it was suggested I look at the antennas, even after reseating them the night before.

To my dismay, after unscrewing all 3 antennas, the pin was stuck in the router. I am going to assume that the pins were never secure in the antenna, hence the weak signal.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate both your advice(s). I will be going through the RMA process.

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