wireless to wired?


wireless to wired?

At home my r7000 router connected via wired ethernet cable to my cable ISP works just fine, serving PCs via wired ethernet and phones via wireless.


On travel, many/most hotels server only wireless to rooms.  I take my router with me as I have it set up for secure wired and wireless connections.  I would like to get a wireless router/receiver to the hotel's wireless, to which I can connect via wire my r7000 router.  I understand I would have to set up a different SSID for the wireless router/receiver.


I would like some suggestions and URL to setup guides for a good relatively inexpensive receiver/router I can take on travel.

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Re: wireless to wired?

The router does not have a wiresless bridge mode

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Re: wireless to wired?

Yes, I know that the r7000 can only connect wired to a provider.  That is the reason for my posting.  I want to connect the r7000 via wire to another receiver/router; this other router/receiver connect wireless.


I know that routers can be chained.  I did with some time ago:

r7000 -> dlink-825 -> ISP modem

I want to get some feedback on a wireless -> wired router to which I can connect my r7000.


For example, makes such routers.

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Re: wireless to wired?

The router connecting to the wifi source would need a third party firmware that supports the needed bridge mode.

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Re: wireless to wired?

U take that huge thing on trips? Why not get a travel router?
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Re: wireless to wired?

Hi - I really don't think that this makes any sense at all.


If you somehow got your router to hook up wirelessly to their network (with one or more bulky devices), you would still be at the mercy of the security between your router and their network,


Aren't you better off just using an appropriate firewall and VPN?


I have been a business traveler since the 90's and never had a problem with the proper PC firewall and avirus settings.




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Re: wireless to wired?

I have dd-wrt with openvpn client (to my openvpn server blocking malware, etc.) and dnscrypt on my Netgear r7000.  I have MAC-address required for my connections, etc.  I think my idea makes perfect sense to me. 


I think I have the answer to my original and only query.  I will have to further investigate the lead I got on the engeniustech router.

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Re: wireless to wired?

There are good small mobile routers out there that are specically designed for travel.


D-Link has a few as well. 

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