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wireless wifi

Can someone tell me why the Wireless Network (5GHZ) channel defaults to 2400 Mbps versus the potental 4800 Mbps?  Should I change this? 


I do have my Vizion TV streaming 4K movies on the 5GHZ channel without a single buffer so I'm thrilled as I repleaced my Orbi RBK50 which would not stream 4k no matter what I tried.  Just curious what my best settings are.  This by far is the best router I've owned (recently took back the X10 for this one)

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Re: wireless wifi

Not sure what your you are on? Nor what device and its speed capabilty nor other devices on the 5Ghz SSID as well as distance from the router.


Make sure you post in the correct forum though as it sounds like you do NOT have a NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK router (one reason you probably couldn't find you router listed when posting). Go to SUPPORT, COMMUNITY, HOME, and then select the correct device you do have for its forum.


Create new topic with full details please.

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Re: wireless wifi

Those speeds suggest 'AX' (so RAX80 or RAX120).  And the difference 2400/4800 is maybe 80 Mhz vs 80+80 mode?


Unless you have a client that actually supports (and uses) 80+80 mode, keep your router in 80 mode.


As there are NO Wi-Fi 6 clients right now, all of your devices are probably connected to your new router at a PHY speed of 866 (or lower) [802.11ac 2x2 client].  Then actual speeds around 55% of that.

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Re: wireless wifi


I have an ax8 so I definitely have a Netgear Nighthawk router. I did not see that as an option as a choice in the drop-down menu so I was not able to list that. I thought I tagged it accordingly. But thank you for your response
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Re: wireless wifi

Thank you duckware. I'll look into this further.
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