Re: says no disk !

@millcreekdr, "256MB unformatted and had some info on it. 1 single JPG. "


No way, if it has something on it, it IS formatted.

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Re: says no disk !

You're right. What I meant to say was... Having not had run a "format disk" on that flash drive and it contained a picture, when I used that one it was readable. Is readable.
Sorry for that snafu. Poorly worded on my side.
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Re: says no disk !

I will do this when I have a few minutes. I had a 32GB Corsair flash drive. Plugged it in, worked perfect. With a bunch of backup work files that I had on it. 

So, I would suffice to say that I would be OK with that and let sleeping/dead dogs lie. 


I have a little OCD and will do the dsk managment later. I like when things work as they are supposed to or advertised ot. Just to see why. I would love the 250GB external powered to work since it is a spare. However, it also spins and has to have a power supply connected. So, again maybe just 'deal with' the 32GB flash. 

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