x4s vs r7000


x4s vs r7000

Want to know if I should trade in my r7000 for the x4s
Should I just keep the r7000 that's not a bad router which I like but for the price and specs is the new x4s better
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Re: x4s vs r7000

By X4S I assume you mean the R7800.


Well the R7800 is from chipset standpoint far more powerful as it uses a 28nm dual core custom ARM Cortex A15 based cpu (Krait 300) at (1.7Ghz) and is actually more than 2x more powerful than the older 40nm dual core ARM Cortex A9 (1Ghz) cpu in the R7000 taking into account that the Krait 300 cpu cores are about 30-40% faster per Mhz.

The R7800 supports MU-MIMO however there arent many client devices but they are coming, I did see a $300 Acer laptop at Target which supports MU-MIMO according to the sticker, it had a QCA9337 WiFi chip.

The R7000 being based on the Broadcom Northstar chipset can have issues with gigabit ISP speeds (WAN side) when PPPoE, QoS, Traffic Metering and some other features are enabled as that conflicts with Broadcom's proprietary NAT acceleration.

The R7800 supports 160Mhz wide 5Ghz channels, but I don't believe there are any client devices out yet.

I would assume the R7800 would have slightly greater range than the R7000, based on my experience with the D7800 modem.


The R7500v2 is similar to the R7800 except tha it uses a slightly slower but similar 1.4Ghz dual core Krait 300 based CPU, and lacks 160Mhz width support on 5Ghz band.


Overall though, all that aside the R7000 is still a pretty solid high end consumer router, its up to you to decide if you think the stuff I mentioned above is worth spending extra for.

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Re: x4s vs r7000

One thing is certain it will take numerous FW versions before they get it right. And even then they'll add a feature and screw it up.

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Re: x4s vs r7000

I agree with searay.  Wait until they work the bugs out of it.  Maybe not change at all if you are happy with the R7000.  If your R7000 is working good for you don't change it or the firmware you are running.

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Re: x4s vs r7000

Its not buggy, at least from my use of it.
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