xboa Lag with UPnP on?


xboa Lag with UPnP on?

I see a strange thing on my Router - If I enable UPnP and my Router connect to xbox live and opens Port 3074 UDP I get extra lag?

So it´s not only the Lag on the connection (p2p gaming) but also some sort of Button lag or something like this. It´s really strange because if I disable UPnP and enable Port Triggering (not sure if the Ports are open or not) I have only the "normal" connection lag because of bad host or things like that - If I disable Port trigger and restart UPnP - the extra Lag starts again - This extra Lag is only on my side.

Is it possible that UPnP slows down my connection even more? That it creates extra Lag? Is it possible that UPnP can´t handle p2p? It´s almost impossible to play with UPnP enabled.
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Re: xboa Lag with UPnP on?

When UPnP is disabled, connection is working fine? If thats cas then it would be best to disable UPnP and enable port triggering instead since that way your connection works.
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