xr500 vpn service [router AS server] subnet woes *.*.2.* vs *.*.1.*


xr500 vpn service [router AS server] subnet woes *.*.2.* vs *.*.1.*

To use LAN resources away from home I have setup the VPN service which sets the xr500 as the vpn server.  My mobile is a client using openvpn software.  I am able to connect away from home.  my devices are set on the subnet


What serve or client app settings need I change to access


which is the default xr500 subnet.


As is when as a friends house from my openvpn connected android loads his router credential prompt.





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Re: xr500 vpn service [router AS server] subnet woes *.*.2.* vs *.*.1.*

You might get better and quicker replies, and find other answers, over in the appropriate section:

Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers - NETGEAR Communities

No need to repost there, unless you want to – that will just clutter up the place with duplicated messages – but you might find advice there related to your hardware.

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