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Re: AX1800 RAX10 vs. AX1800 RAX20


AX1800 RAX10 vs. AX1800 RAX20

I recently purchased the AX1800 RAX10 dual band router. It's working fine, a big upgrade from our previous AC model, although speeds can fluctuate from time to time. Right after that, I found a really good price on the AX1800 RAX20-NAS100. (BTW, is that different than RAX20 by itself?) My main question is, are there any significant differences between the two routers? When comparing the specs, the one major difference I saw was that the RAX20 has a USB port, but it was also previously more expensive. (I'm a little puzzled as to why that happened.) I assume it's a more recent or at least slightly more superior router. It seems like a sturdier device as well. I know there are newer, stronger (more expensive), models out there, but this fits our needs well.

Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Re: AX1800 RAX10 vs. AX1800 RAX20

The RAX10 is a lightly stripped RAX20 router as you already discovered, same platform, no USB port and related services.

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Re: AX1800 RAX10 vs. AX1800 RAX20

Thanks. I thought it might be something simple like that. I noticed the RAX10 is a a year newer according to the box, and has that extra antenna, but the price difference for the less stripped down RAX20 might be worth it. Just have to make a decision.
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