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AX1800 drops connection to certain devices


AX1800 drops connection to certain devices

AX1800 (RAX15) sometimes drops connection to certain devices on network. Connections will work for several days and then drop. Device will then not be able to access network with following error: "Unable to join the network '_________'" With the blank being the name of the network.


Restarting the router solves the problem. But I don't want to have to restart my router every few days.

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Re: AX1800 drops connection to certain devices



If you recently purchased the device I would recommend contacting our support team as newly purchased devices are provided with 90 days of complimentary support. You may open a ticket by registering your device using the link below. 





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Re: AX1800 drops connection to certain devices

The problem presented itself after 90 days and your support team directed me to this forum. My desire to ever buy any products from Netgear, or recommend them to other consumers, is falling fast. 

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Re: AX1800 drops connection to certain devices

90 Day limit for support is unacceptable for YOUR mistake in bad programming. This constant dropout problem is a Netgear Problem, not a user error. Netgear has known of this problem since April 2020 and has done nothing to update the firmware and resolve. It's too late to get my money back. Will be buying a Linksys router instead.
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