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AX2400/RAX29 - hairpin/loopback NAT issue?


AX2400/RAX29 - hairpin/loopback NAT issue?

Just bought a new Netgear AX2400/RAX29 and updated to the latest prompted firmware (V1.0.6.74_1), but it seems that hairpinning has stopped working?  I host a  couple of small services on my network, and port forward  the tcp port to the outside.  The port forward works exactly as it should from the outside world, however, internally, I should be able to use the same address to reach the internal server.  Every netgear product I've ever owned did hairpinning fine, but for some reason, this RAX29 doesn't.  To be honest, I thought I had tested it before the firmware update, and I thought it was working, but clearly after the firmware update, it doesn't.  If I could  get a copy of the original firmware even, I could flash it back to that.


Obviously, the workaround would be to add an entry to my hosts file and use DNS to resolve to the local IP, however, I'd like to get the hairpinning/loopback working if possible.   I may try a factory reset tonight to see if that does the trick. 

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Re: AX2400/RAX29 - hairpin/loopback NAT issue?

I've never used that feature but if yoou want to go back in firmware versions, you can get them from


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Re: AX2400/RAX29 - hairpin/loopback NAT issue?

Thanks for the tip.  I did try going back to the oldest firmware listed on that page, and the problem still exists.  As a workaround, for the time being, I figured out that it's only when the internal/external port were the same, that I'm having a problem.  If the router is translating to one port to another, oddly enough, it works just fine.  So, instead of listening on port 8080 internally and externally, I changed the internal port to listen on 8079, and externally left it to 8080, and it seems to work.  Definitely seems like a glitch in the firmware.  If I have time, I'm still considering to a factory reset, to see if that works.

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