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Re: About to become awful: Free Netgear Dynamic DNS


Re: About to become awful: Free Netgear Dynamic DNS

Totally unacceptable and needs to be remedied ASAP!

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Re: About to become awful: Free Netgear Dynamic DNS

Just got through the renewal process.

The only thing I received about this was the expiration notice. No notification of any kind that the terms were changing.

Nothing from Netgear, who are the ones that benefit from advertising the "free" ddns offering through the sale of their equipment.

Nothing from No-IP telling me the the netgear.com ddns terms would be changing. I get No-IP doing what it does, hoping to push more sales through the monthly NAG. Still it doesn't excuse the lack of professional notification from either of these two vendors that the terms would change. Instead they both come off as being rather "shady".

I've been recommending their equipment for years, not sure that I will continue due to this.

Now I have to go and rework several of the connectivity  methods in my custom built applications in order to prepare for inevitable lack of notification from No-IP that my ddns registration will soon be expiring, and lose my window  of opportunity to renew it, and break the business logic in several of my apps.

Time to start looking for some other providers.

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Re: About to become awful: Free Netgear Dynamic DNS

Yep - Same here. Got the notice that things were gonna change, then - nothing... I lost my DDNS domain. 


Kindof a work-around...  If you have a domain name with a hosting provider, just add an A record to you DNS there to point to your (albeit dynamic) IP address of your home router (i.e. remote.yourdomainname.com). I find that my IP address changes about ever 18mo on Comcast so it's not a big deal. But when it does change, I just use Chrome Remote Desktop, go to a "whatismyip" website on my home PC, and change the record in my hosting DNS. I've been doing that for years along side Netgears DDNS (not any more!)


It's not perfect, but at lease I have control of the naming and my web/app development isn't affected.


As for Netgear, yeah... forget them and their sales pitches from inside my hardware!  I'll start using something else based solely on principle.

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