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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120


Adding a fan to RAX120

Can I add a fan to the rax120 router by plugging it in to the usb ports on the back and will that power the fan? I want the router to be cool

I know about the internal fan and about the debug option but that fan doesn’t stay on all the time hence why I want to add a fan via usb ports that are located in the back.
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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120

Yes you can. I've seen it done in several posts

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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120

Can you link me to the post please.
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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120

Just get a laptop cooler and place it underneath the router and plug it in the USB port. It's what I do for my router.

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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120


Yes, you can swap out the fan for the RAX120. The stock OEM fan that the RAX120 uses is a 50x50mm fan made by Delta. You can see the in the FCC photos, https://fccid.io/PY317300397/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photos-Part-2-3990332 the model number. The only fan that I have found that matches the OEM fan, is one made by Fractal. Hope this helps.


I should add, the page where I got the internal photos is https://fccid.io/PY317300397

You can see the that the RAX120v2 was undergoing FCC testing in Oct 2020 & the initial RAX120v2 firmware release was in Dec 2020.

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Re: Adding a fan to RAX120

Would be much easier to avoid any router intrusion and fan frustrations and install a laptop fan cooler under the router. 


I keep one under any router I use 24/4 for additional cooling. works well:

I use this one: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Massive-Adjustable-Notebook-CL-N004-PL20BL/dp/B00IGSATZY

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