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Re: AirPrint won’t work when printer is sleeping


AirPrint won’t work when printer is sleeping

When the printer sleeps, I can’t see it as an AirPrint option. If I open the Netgear app or use the admin portal, it will show up as a attached device, and if I refresh it, then AirPrint works... also I can press the wake up button on the printer itself. I have the IP address reserved and set to type of printer. This happens if the printer is on WIFI or LAN... it’s on LAN now and still happens. No drivers to install as it’s on the iPhone/iPad.... printer and router are on latest firmware. Any tips?
Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: AirPrint won’t work when printer is sleeping

Hello jay_w, 


Did the issue occur due to a firmware update? Was this previously functioning correctly prior?



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Re: AirPrint won’t work when printer is sleeping



No. It's been like this since I got the printer and I've been tinkering for months (career engineer). It's very clear that the printer remains connected to the router after it goes to sleep as I can access the printer's webUI through IP without issue and see that it's sleeping. It's something funky about AirPrint protocol when the device is sleeping. When the iPhone sends the signal looking for AirPrinters nothing comes back. But if I wake the printer either by pressing the wake button everything works. What is interested is that looking at the router's attached device list it also wakes the printer and then everything works fine. I think the router should recognize the find Airprint protocol and then wake attached devices marked as type Printer. But I don't think this is happening. At least that is the behavior.

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