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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??


Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

@CyberTri  There are different parties involved: On both sides (Netgear and Amazon!), the radio chipset maker, the radio firmware (binary code loaded at boot time into the radio controllers). Well possible the wireless client involved does struggle when the radios are sending out additional control frames... That won't be the only client which does have (or had) interoperability issues with the "new" Wi-Fi 6 radios (Inhell was very prominent, almost no newer wireless client associated initially!) or with some enhanced management frames (for roaming/neighborhood information) what prohibited several other mobile phone or IoT to associate with a wireless.


Netgear has integrated at least three different vendors Wi-Fi 6 radio chipsets in this product line - Broadcom (RAX80 ,RAX200), Qualcomm (RAX120), and Intel ex.Infinion (RAX40) - all have some pros and cons (like features not available(), and all have some issues.

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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

Hold up. Are we trying to say this is ok? Turn off UPnP and Samsung galaxy s10 Android devices also have auth issues.

Why doesn't Asus have the exact same issues? They have single SSID merging and you can turn off UPnP.

Hey Netgear, can I get a refund I would like to buy a router that works. You have decent distance, speed, AND external drive speed access is good. I even like your menu and access control features.

But your compatibility? FAIL
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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

a year later and my Asus AX88U works great, would love to get my money back for my RAX80.  

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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

I will accept a refund as well.  I am ready to go back to Asus. 

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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

I've actually come to the opposite conclusion here. The fact that both the new show 5s and 8s will stay connected, that screenless echos stay connected, shows that Amazon, not Netgear either decided "let's try something new" on this one (or maybe the failure of Orbi with Alexa left Amazon developers resentful) so they are configured in a way to connect "differently". No other explanation seems reasonable considering the first and third gen models seem to have no problems.

And here I am, having had nearly two months with no connection issues throughout my house, then, over the last week, it all started over again.

I'm ready to leave Netgear and Alexa behind for other solutions. Not like I can get prime 2 day shipping right now anyway so why support then otherwise.
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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

I have a show 8 now. No issues. I connected my original Show through an Asus rt88 repurposed into an extender. I sold the Echo Spot. So far so good.
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Re: Alexa not supported on RAX80??

OMG I wished I read this info before I purchased my router I have several aleax show, dot and spots and right now I am having issue with the show... I purchase the router due to the WFH and remote learning... when will netgear fix this issue.. alexa is a necessity like internet.

Please advise


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