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Armor Conflicts between its Bitdefender and VPN use ?


Armor Conflicts between its Bitdefender and VPN use ?

I have Amor Bitdefender installed on my network devices, I now have NordVpn installed on those devices. I intend to use VPN all the time. Does use of this VPN make use of Armor install on Router less effective in threat protection? Does VPN use conflict with Amor Bitdefender protection on devices?

I am thinking of deleting Bitdefender from my devices because of my perception that there is a conflict with VPN use.

I posted a topic "Bitdefender VPN shuts down WEB Protection on IPADs." No response to this has been received.


My research casts doubt on Armor effectivesness in working with VPN's that intend to be ON all of the time.

'My assumption is that ARMOR on Router effectively scans local devices ok, but It cannot check traffic that is encrypted by VPN.

On IPAD, Bitdefender being on automatically shutsdown WEB Protection since that is a mini-vpn. So I keep it off when using NordVPN on 2 family Ipad's. Should I remove Bitdefender on Ipad and other devices using Windows and Android?  


I posted on Bitdefender community Forum why is Bitdefender WEB Protection turned off. The initial Techical response was that WEB Protection uses the VPN profile and two services can't use the same VPN profile

It was deleted without being resolved. I asked why? No response. I guess these forums amy not be a place to ask and get responses to real problems? Support doesn't seem to provide direct support to average user.


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Re: Armor Conflicts between its Bitdefender and VPN use ?

Hello FredDunfrey,


Thank you for your message. I recommend using the following link to open a support case regarding the Armor: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx. To open a support case, please follow the steps below.


1. Select "Get help on my NETGEAR product"

2. Select your country

3. Select "I have a NETGEAR product without a serial number"

4. In the dropdown menu, please select "Armor" as the product




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