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Re: Brand new RAX120 router stops responding multiple times per day, requires reboot


Re: Brand new RAX120 router stops responding multiple times per day, requires reboot

I read your recent comment and it took me a little time to figure out how I was going to respond so here it is. First off you sort of gave yourself away with the comment "cant really commit due to the NDA I signed" which tells me your opinion is biased at best. Secondly I think your posts are kind of insulting. You can clearly see by reading the posts in this blog and many others that a lot of Netgear customers are having serious problems with the Netgear AX series routers. So please stop acting like its just something I am doing wrong because its clearly not just me. I have never written firmware for a router or any piece of hardware for that matter so I do not claim to be an expert. However I do have a computer science degree and have been working as an application developer for 23 years now so I am not stupid. Netgear has totally dropped the ball on the firmware for these routers and its a shame because the routers have great specs. 


I looked for your suggested changes under "Internet" on my RAX120v1 router but because I am using it for an AP router its grayed out. When I have to factory reset it again, and I will, I will set it up as the main router at least temporarily to change those settings to see if it affects anything after I switch it back to AP mode. I have already factory reset the router twice now since I upgraded to firmware V1.2.1.22 and I am still having issues with the router. The newest bug I have been seeing with the last couple firmware versions is that all the devices are not showing up under the "Attached Devices" but they are showing up over on the R7000 main router as wired. Power cycling did not fix this so I factory reset it again. Very annoying.


I am willing to consider all suggestions but I am starting to think I may have to ask Amazon to take this one back to. I can't wait around for Netgear to decide to fix these problems. My wife and I both work from home and we can't be having our jobs disrupted by dropped WiFi  connections. It disconnected her from her online church service this morning. This is intolerable.

@Killhippie wrote:

Because right now there are virtually no devices that use it, 80Mhz is more than enough. Factory resettin g is important, even Asus say to do that after a big change in firmware, you hold the reset in for about 20 seconds. leave to reboot the router takes about 5 minutes to completely boot. Set up as new, never with a config file as this brings low level code changes fronm the last firmware which may be incompatible. Also I'm not lucky, I know many users with 120's and they have no issues like yourself. I'm not saying you are not having them but to faulty units, In doublt it.

 I know this router very well but cant really comment due to a NDA I signed, but I was in there from mid 2018 with the RAX120 beta testing leave it there. Its a very fast stable device. In internet settings set dialup to always on and idle timeout to 0 and press apply. Otherise the router goes to sleep! Back to 160Mhz yes you can use that with wifi 6E the 6Ghz band will support 160Mhz with no issues, 5Ghz not so much, and even the latest iPhones/iPads dont support 160Hmz. As I said few devices do and this will just make things worse as you clash with orther 5Ghz neighbours, leave it on 80Mhz on 5Ghz and 20Mhz on 2.4Mhz as forcing 40Mhz with any router reduces thoughput in busy areas with lots of routers using 2.4Ghz.




Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Brand new RAX120 router stops responding multiple times per day, requires reboot

Completely agree with you mudbone. There seem to be multiple people on this website that are either Netgear fanboys or paid by Netgear to make it seem like there is nothing wrong with their product. I have had all of the same issues everybody else here has had with this router and have done all of the steps as listed over multiple months. I have two friends that have this exact same router and have had the same issues. I even RMAed one of these routers to run in to the same issues. Techincal support is useless because they don't listen when you tell them it's not just the WiFi breaking, but also the wired ethernet connection. When I pay for a high-end product I expect high-end performance and not to be testing their software for them. Constantly having to fully factory reset a router is not an acceptable solution when it ends up having to be done multiple times a month sometimes. I will never be buying a Netgear networking product because of this experience. I have a 7 year old Netgear AC router and never had to factory reset it.

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