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Built in VPN with IPhone

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Built in VPN with IPhone

I have a problem connecting my phone to Local network.

I enabled built in VPN and DDNS on RAX 48 router.

Then i downloaded the Smart Phone Config and exported to my Iphone. Followed these steps: https://kb.netgear.com/29826/How-do-I-use-VPN-on-my-NETGEAR-router-with-my-iOS-device


When i go on to connect on OpenVPN connect app, it says connection Failed. Network is unavailable when i try it on Cellular.

If i try on WIFI, it attempts to connect and fails.


The instructions i see on youtube, they enter password and cert when importing config to a phone. But when i import it, it doesn't ask me to. It has a lock 

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Re: Built in VPN with IPhone

Hi @Retired_Member ,


Do you install openvpn app in your iPhone ?

And do you put openvpn certification to your iPhone ?



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Re: Built in VPN with IPhone

on my iphone.

there's really no way to import a certificate. Also inside of Config file that i got from Netgear built in openVPN, it already has certificate.


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