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Re: Expand Range of RAX80?


Expand Range of RAX80?

My son moved his rig into our 1909 garage, moving from 1000 bit wired connection to WiFi.  He can barely get a signal.  Our house is wood frame, the back of the house is wood and sheet rock, the original parts are lathe and plaster.  The router is in our quarter basement under the kitchen floor.


Is there a way to extend the range of the RAX80 in a mesh-like way?  Like in the old days you could use an Airport Express to extend the range of an Airport base station?


I know that mesh routers using AX are starting to appear, but I purchased in July and there were no mesh ones at that time.

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Re: Expand Range of RAX80?

There is the EAX80 which is the sister of the RAX80 as an extender which in theory supports exactly the same features & Wifi6 standard to provide a mesh like Wifi coverage.



However, as always, if its possible to add a hardwired connection from the RAX80 to the garage this is the best way.

There are very good "flat" ethernet cables these days they can fit behind skirting boards, under carpets or under doors.

I've used these in my last three appartments & they are very good.

I didnt notice any real speed drop despite the lack of shielding even over lengths of 30m.


This is my intension with the RAX80 (if I ever get a working firmware) to have the router & extender hardwired together to provide full speed coverage in my house & separately in the basement.


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Re: Expand Range of RAX80?

Like @GabboCH mentioned, a hardline is going to be the best. They key thing that you said was plaster lathe. This is amazing at blocking wifi signals. some of the older houses also used foil lined insulation. This is also great at blocking wifi signals.  You could have the best extender possible in the garage or on an interior wall but if the plaster lathe is between and/or foil lined insulation, its going to be an issue. You need to get something hardwired through there. This could be a ethernet connection, a MoCa adapter, or potentially even a powerline device. Then put a router in ap mode or an extender connected to that. 

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Re: Expand Range of RAX80?

@plemans wrote:

This could be a ethernet connection, a MoCa adapter, or potentially even a powerline device.

I'd start by investigating Powerline Ethernet.


He might even be able to bypass wifi completely.




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