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Re: Firmware auto update not working on RAX200


Firmware auto update not working on RAX200

As per title, it seems if you tick/check the 'enable' setting for 'Router Auto Firmware Update' on the RAX200, it doesn't do anything and you still have to manually update the firmware. I know this as i left my RAX200 untouched for the last few weeks on firmware and when i logged into the router settings today, i saw a notice that a newer firmware was available ( but the router was still on the old firmware - despite 'router auto firmware' setting being enabled. This seems like a bug, could someone from Netgear please look into this?


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Re: Firmware auto update not working on RAX200

The first thing that many experienced users do with a router is to disable 'Router Auto Firmware Update' along with 'Password Recovery'. Auto updates take the process out of your hands and can lead to a "bricked" device.


On top of that firmware can take time to migrate from the support pages to the update ftp server and then to the auto-update system.

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Re: Firmware auto update not working on RAX200


Thanks, appreciate what you're saying but i've never bricked a router by leaving it to update firmware automatically. But of course YMMV.


The fact that the latest firmware ( for the RAX200 has been out for 3-4 weeks now and yet the update servers still aren't pushing this automatically to the RAX200 (assuming auto update is enabled) leads me to believe its a firmware bug. Can someone from Netgear please explain?



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Re: Firmware auto update not working on RAX200

seriously turn it of and just update the firmware yourself, these AX routers also need a factory reset after the updates too otherwise they get a bit screwy as new features are added and they try until they stabilise them. Auto update is really auto brick on AX routers, and I would never leave a router to manage its own updates anyway, things can go south very quickly with Netgear routers and the RAX200 is based on the RAX80 Broadcom SoC which is a nightmare in itself, its not worth leaving it on it considering the price you paid.

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