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Intermittent '(Network name) has no internet' with Comcast Flex


Intermittent '(Network name) has no internet' with Comcast Flex

Too Long; Didn't Read: Intermittent issues of 'Network has not internet' when Comcast Flex box is plugged into the network.


Router is actually an RAX 45 (AX4300 6-Stream)


Tried posting this in the home networking forum but was told to come here... Most of the other posts I found on this refer to checking lines and nodes with the ISP, which could be a factor but isn't quite what I am experiencing.


First, a little history with this issue...


We recently moved and we decided to drop Cable TV and adjust our Comcast service to Internet only at 600Mbps. Additionally I didn't want to pay rental fees for their wifi/router and after some research got these Netgear devices.


Enter the Comcast Flex box. Initial set up was a bit of a pain and took a whole afternoon and back and forth calls with Comcast to finally sort out I needed to have ONLY the Comcast Flex box plugged in via Ethernet to Port 1 on the CM1100. I had tried many variations of having both the Nighthawk router and the Flex box connected while troubleshooting set up, but ultimately the Flex box in port 1 did the trick. From there I was able to move the ethernet connections around and get the Nighthawk router up and running in Port 1 and the Flex box in Port 2 of the CM1100.


This worked fine for 3 months until our current issue...

Back in December I mounted our TV and this cause me to need a coax connecter (not a splitter - female to female piece) to reach the new set up. This was the start of the intermittent internet drops - it would usually fix itself after a few minutes, or a reboot of the modem and router. I quickly elminated the coax connecter as that was an obvious culprit. Yet, the intermittent internet drops continued - in the first week of January it got so bad that not even a reboot of the entire network would reestablish connection.


I called Comcast and they said everything is good on their end, no issues with the signals - must be a hardware issue. I called Netgear and I was a week or two past the 90-days for Tech Support - they wanted $90 to help me out. I decided to troubleshoot the issue myself and remembered the Comcast Flex box issues we had during set up, additionally someone on a forum pointed out Port 2 in the CM1100 is some kind of aggregate port or something, either way it shouldn't be used.


I removed the Comcast Flex box from the network - problem solved no connection drops with this unplugged from the network. However, this box is our ISPs connection to our network - they used it for set up and to troubleshoot our connection issues. Leaving this unplugged isn't a great long-term solution, plus I'd like to actually use it...


Last week I decided to move the router/modem set up to our office and reconnected the Flex box to the nework via one of the Ethernet ports on the Nighthawk router. Guess what issue started popping up again... Intermittent 'Network has not internet'


What can I try to be able to keep the Flex box on the Network but stop it from interuppting our signal?


My first thought was using Ports or something but that's only because I remember doing that when I had NAT issues for online gaming. I'm not sure how to obtain logs or what other information would be useful - happy to provide


Thanks for your help and sorry for the long read!

Model: CM1100|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS 3.1, RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Intermittent '(Network name) has no internet' with Comcast Flex

Hi mickeyse, 


Welcome to the community! I sent you a private message. 



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