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Is the upgrade worth it?


Is the upgrade worth it?

I currently use a Netgear Nighthawk X6 router and am wondering if an upgrade to the X12 would be worth it. My house has some low signal strength zones and moving the router location is not an option. My A/V system is being revamped from totally wired to totally wireless, so my primary concern there is any real improvement is video streaming ability. TV is only 8 feet from router but two internal walls are between the two. Any insights would be appreciated. The X12 is expensive and while affordable, I need to justify the spend based on improvements. 

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Is the upgrade worth it?

The R8000 is a pretty capable device. The RAX120 is as well. You might hit some better peak speeds and have a little better coverage but it isn't going to be night and day because broadcast strengths are set by the FCC. And both devices are already at the max. So the only reason the RAX might have better coverage is because of optimizations and better throughput. 


If you're having areas with poor coverage, you're best bet might be checking into something like netgear orbi. You won't have as good as peak speeds as either the R8000 or the RAX120 but you'll have higher average throughput throughout the home. 

I've ran an RAX200 and a EX8000 paird together and had better average throughput using my RBK53 system. 


Another question is why are you revamping the AV system to be wireless? If there's an option to have your streaming setup hardwired, you'll have less lag/buffering/streaming issues than any wireless system. 


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