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Log on RAX120 incomplete entries


Log on RAX120 incomplete entries

My RAX120 just locked up for no apparent reason last night sometime. The last indication that I have was that around 8PM last night it was still working, I received an email from my security system.

This morning, 11 hours later, I was unable to remote in and my security system was showing no responce to login quiries.

My RAX 120 has been online working perfectly since Octoberish 2019 until around March 20, 2020, when it locked up the same as last night and at that time, I just manually rebooted the Modem and Router. Both came back and all was good.

This time however I rebooted the Modem first, even though all panel indicators showed the Modem was connected and had solid internet connection. While the Modem rebooted, I was unable to locate the RAX120 SSID and of course no IP. So after allowing the Modem to reboot and come on line and given the Modem/Router a 10 minute buffer I rebooted the Router manually from the power button.

The RAX120 rebooted, came up fine and connected and everything was happy. I went to the logs to see what was entered. The only entries in the logs were DHCP entries from the reboot, NTP and [Initialized, firmware version: V1.0.1.114] Wednesday, April 01, 2020 11:56:13. There was nothing else.

I have every option for a log entry enabled.

Is it typical that the log is cleared and re-written on each reboot?

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Log on RAX120 incomplete entries

Yes, when you reboot the router all logs previous to the reboot are gone.
if you can't access the router via WiFi then the next option is via a wired connection if you need to look at the logs when a routers WiFi fails to show or you can't connect.


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Re: Log on RAX120 incomplete entries


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