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My firewall incorrectly shows up as "AntMiner" under attached devices


My firewall incorrectly shows up as "AntMiner" under attached devices

My Netgate SG-1000 firewall (Texas Instruments AM335x Processor) is now being identified by my NetGear RAX10 as having device name "AntMiner." It was previously identified as "Texas Instruments" something...


I do not own an AntMiner device and this freaked me out. I thought that I was compromised my some kind of mining malware, until I looked up what AntMiner was.


The first part of my MAC address is 7C:38:66 which matches the OUI for Texas Instruments.


Any ideas? Is this a bug?







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Re: My firewall incorrectly shows up as "AntMiner" under attached devices

@bozo1 wrote:


Any ideas? Is this a bug?


Probably a dodgy database of mac addresses and devices somewhere. With millions of possible things to go for, it would be impractical to have something 100% accurate.


If it really offends you, try changing the name of the thing in the "Attached Devices" bit of the browser graphical user interface (GUI).


I like to use the desktop genie for windows for things like that.


genie | Product | Support | NETGEAR


Netgear isn't maintaining this software and wishes it would go away, in the mad rush to push everything on to mobile apps, but it still works.


You might get more help, and find earlier questions and answers specific to your device, in the appropriate section for your hardware. That's probably here:

Nighthawk Routers with WiFi 6 (AX) - NETGEAR Communities

I mention it simply because it seems to offend some people when messages appear in the "wrong" section.

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