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Re: Netgear Firmware FTP site


Netgear Firmware FTP site

I seem to recall there used to be an FTP site that customers could use to download firmware from, but can't find anything about it. Does it still exist?

I ask because the latest RAX80 Firmware Version seems to be causing issues and I wanted to go back to an older firmware that was stable for me.  The problem there is I've had various issues with more recent firmware releases and wanted to go further back then the 2 firmware versions that are listed under "Previous Versions".  There used to me more than just the 2 previous versions listed there, but that seems to have changed some time this year.

Ultimately, I'm just looking for access to older firmware versions. It could be somewhere else on the Netgear site that I'm missing, or the ftp option if it's still around.

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Netgear Firmware FTP site

If you got to the support page for your RAX80, you go fo to downloads and there is a drop down for older firmware.


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Re: Netgear Firmware FTP site

There is a section called "Previous Versions" which contains the previous two firmware releases prior to the current one.  Nothing on the page that allows you to see or download firmware versions that might be older than that.

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