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NetgearAX1800- issue with other devices not working now


NetgearAX1800- issue with other devices not working now

Hi there- I installed the Netgear AX1800 extender to get better service upstairs. Our Tv's all stream fine with it and no issues but now the Peloton is not seeing it. It says connected to our wireless no "internet" and I am perplexed how to troubleshoot this issue. My laptop ( mac) had no issue with internet and when we had an extender before it was not this complicated--meaning it was plug and play pretty much. Anyone have any great insights on this? Thanks much. 

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Re: NetgearAX1800- issue with other devices not working now

1. what extender did you add? AX1800 is a speed, not a model.

2. what router is it connected to? 

3. are there any special characters/spaces in the ssid or password? I've seen some IoT devices have issues with those. 

4. Did you set it up using the push button WPS option? If so, factory reset the extender  and set it up using the installation assistant. To factory reset, push and hold the reset button for 7-15 seconds while powered on. 
Here's a video of how to use the assistant. 

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