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New problems on RAX200


New problems on RAX200

I'm running V1.0.1.12_1.0.41 and waiting for the bugs to be fixed in the latest version.  

Here's what's happening:

When my phone (Samsung Galaxy s20+) connects on the first 5g band many times it will say internet not available, but when I reconnect on 5g band 2 it's fine. Going back to the other 5g band still the same lack of connection to the net. Also even though I broadcast the SSID the phone shows the ssid but then says connected to an unknown source.

Also some of my wireless cameras will disconnect (one is less than 20 feet from the router) and reconnect after a few minutes or sometimes hours.


I'm now seeing a lot of RAX200's on ebay pretty cheap and I think that means a lot of people are dumping theirs because of problems.  My girlfriend bought mine, for my birthday, when she was in Chicago on business at a open box table in a mall (best buy I think) and when I tried to register it netgear told me that it was considered used and there would be no guarantee or support. This will now be my third and last Netgear product. As an example of good customer service I bought a customer return D-Link camera at my local Fry's which failed after a month, I called D-Link and they cross shipped a replacement the same day, no charge. 




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