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Nighthawk Equals NIGHTMARE


Nighthawk Equals NIGHTMARE

If you want to live a life of excessive STRESS, then by all means buy the Nighthawk AX12. This has got to be the worst router on the market. I've never seen such madness with a router before. Drops wifi signal during setup, after setup, & every 2 minutes after that. YES, I HAD THE MOST CURRENT FIRMWARE. Went through 3 different tech support specialists. The first 2 stated this router was beyond their scope of support........WHAAATTT????? YOUR PRODUCT & YOU R TECH SUPPORT!!! Got to a 3rd rep who remotely accessed my system to reinstall the firmware & assured me the unit will function properly. NOT! Right after I got off the phone with them, this OVERSIDED PIECE OF JUNK STARTED DROPPING SIGNAL AGAIN!!!! ABSOLUTE JUNK!!! I went back to my Linksys WRT AC1900. My old Linksys is working flawlessly. Will stick with my linksys till something worthy is released.
Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk Equals NIGHTMARE

Regardless of brand it takes 6 months+ to get firmware stabilized regardless of brand and to top it off this change also includes a new gen WiFi standard. Never a great idea to get the latest and greatest so early as unfortunately this is what happens. TBH even the WRT1900 had issues that took a while to fix, its latest iteration the ACS still kicks off clients in HT160 mode after more than a year since release.

I personally never faced this issue on my RAX120 but you can contact support and ask for lvl 2 or lvl3 support, but yeah that’s unfortunate it was dealt in such a manner.
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