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Re: Nighthawk MR60


Nighthawk MR60

Do they sell additional satellites for this system? I can not find a stand-alone satellite to add to my mesh. The system only comes with the Wi-Fi Router and one satellite but I’d like another due to the size of my home and dead areas. Will this Router support two satellites? If so where can I purchase one? I’m unable to find one anywhere. Thank you!
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Re: Nighthawk MR60

Hello szuppo, 


We recently have sold MR60 satellites separately to add-on. We are currently out of stock but should be available soon. 





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Re: Nighthawk MR60

So I have a  MK62 that works fine and I purchased a MK63 intending to connect the two MS60's to the existing MR60 and MS60 from the MK62 kit. Are the satellites that come with the kit hard coded to their router? They won't pair and I assumed the MS 60s from the kit are the same as the standalone. Is there a workaround or do I return and wait for the MS60 add one?

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Re: Nighthawk MR60

Hello miwitte, 


The additional satellites purchased purchased with the MK63 kit should pair with your existing MR60 and MS60. May you try factory resetting all units and running through the setup assistant again connecting all 3 satellites at the same time. 



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