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The password has not changed but new machines are no longer accepting it.

I forgot the network and now I can not reconnect on my phone

what to do? can anyone help?

Thank you

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Re: Password

@Nicholasstj wrote:

The password has not changed ...


Is that the wifi password?


@Nicholasstj wrote:


I forgot the network and now I can not reconnect on my phone

I assume that by "I forgot the network" you mean that you told the wifi client, your phone, to forget the device and its past wifi connections.


Then again, what does "can not reconnect on my phone" mean? What happens when you try? Does it say wrong password, or something else?


If it will not connect now that suggests that you are using the wrong password for the SSID of your device.


What is this Netgear hardware? A router of some sort? Tell us the model number and someone might have some thoughts.


If you have a Windows PC, then installing the Desktop genie can retrieve your Password (Network Key).


A good place to start might be with the manual.


If you visit the support pages:


Support | NETGEAR


you can feed in the model number (see above) and find all the documentation for your hardware.

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Re: Password

Some kind of limitation - like the number of allowed/supported clients - reached on the radio interface(s) probably? 

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Re: Password

The OP @Nicholasstj  does not even tell us if he does talk of a AX8 (RAX80) or AX12 (RAX120), what firmware version, ..


PS. Why ever, Edit is not available for my very new set post @ChristineT  @Christian_R in this community section, nor is supplying at least one of the AX models in the device tag mandatory..

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