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Question For The Superusers.


Question For The Superusers.

Superusers / Moderators, in other forums I've been a member on, (Automotive) the Moderators always had a direct line with the manufactures, especially when certain questions needed to be addressed.

Don't you guys have a direct contact with Netgear?  


I ask because when i look at the forums and all of the issues people are having, it appears that NONE of the issues are being addressed, and I've read a few angry posts.

Is Netgear aware of the issues people are having? 
Do they have people trying to address these issues / problems?


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Re: Question For The Superusers.

We can message them and sometimes get replies. But it isn't a for sure and sometimes a lot is user driven. 

So while I message to them might get a little more attention, it doesn't mean its going to get the problem resolved. 

And some of the time, the mod's will PM the user for contact info, ideas, etc. 

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Re: Question For The Superusers.

Wow!!! That's not good customer service. 


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