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RAX120 - Firmware v Issue


RAX120 - Firmware v Issue

I noticed that the latest version of RAX120; has serious issues with WiFi connectivity.  All the WiFi devices started complaining about Internet connectivity. It started all of a sudden (Jan 29, 2021). I tried resetting (pin-hole method) multiple times to no luck. Then I rolled back to v1.0.0.58 and then reset the router, and then upgrade to After doing this, so far, my WiFi is stable with no issues since last 2 hours (the latest firmware issue comes up instantly upon upgrading). 


Netgear should notics this and release bug fixes, and also perform thorough testing prior to release the firmware upgrades. 


Sharing my story, just incase if there are other victims out there like me. 

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX120 - Firmware v Issue

Same issue here.  Staying with V1.0.2.136 for now. 

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Re: RAX120 - Firmware v Issue

I see Netgear still hasn't release newer version of the firmware to address the issue with I am wondering if this firmware is working for others and only few people are having issues with this version. 

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