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RAX120 - SMB for Backup - CloudReady - Windows backup failure


RAX120 - SMB for Backup - CloudReady - Windows backup failure

I have had this router for about a year.  One of the things I really miss from my previous router is ability to use this as NAS for backup.  I have two USB drives attached. One is shared as "backup"


I have posted that lack of create user is to me a problem as this means to enable password protection on this share.. I have to use "admin" with its password.


I know this needs SMB v1 for windows 10 / Windows servers.    But the use of this as smb target is VERY Flaky.   I can create directory, then 10 seconds later I get error on creating file.. then it works. 


I gave up on trying to use it as FTP (filezilla) target

I am back to trying the NetGear "Cloud Ready"  NAS setup.  Which seems ok, but the goal is to backup data for airgap such as Rancidware .. I want to use Windows 7 Native backup as it backs up into blob file and has file revision as well as history restores..  But as SMB share it is not usable. 


Now trying to use this via this "Cloud Ready"  and it shows the two drives / shrare folders.. I can create file / folder etc.. but their is not a means to "drop a folder" which means even crude backup is out.  Mount as drive (so windows backup or something even simplier like xcopy or synctoy ) can use it.


As a backup target .. this switch has been very probelmatic.  Are others having these issues , and or what is work around?




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Re: RAX120 - SMB for Backup - CloudReady - Windows backup failure

Routers are not meant to be used as a backup solution, no matter the advertising. Use the proper tool for the task. Get or build a NAS for that

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Re: RAX120 - SMB for Backup - CloudReady - Windows backup failure

That is not constructive.   I realize that a router's primary role should be that... routing.   But if it is part of its supported stack, then don't do it 1/2 way.


If it is to be SMB share. Then IMAO:  Support multiple accounts,  ACL, and SMB that is stable. 


if just http / FTP / NFS.. more Unix centric protocols.. then fine...   If only "Cloud Ready" with object based target etc...  fine... just do that. 


But  this current unstable both ways, is not usable.    



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