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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots


Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

I have applied this release candidate firmware 14 days ago and have not had a single restart. I was having 1 random restart a day on average prior to the update. I have followed the specific sequence that was requested.

- Update firmware

- Factory reset

- Fresh setup using hardwired computer through ethernet

- DHCP server IP ranged manual entered as to 200


It is unacceptable to be going through this process for a 400 USD router that we happened to buy 5 of to have all business partners on same kind of equipment. Hopefully, Netgear does not break it again on a future firmware update.

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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

You literally have v1 users reporting the beta solved their issues with instability and uptime/availability.

The firmware has been issued to v1 users. V1 and v2 have virtually nothing different about them besides a stepping change on the underlying processor.

How were v1 users able to get the RC firmware if it's only for V2?
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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

Only v2 users had reported seeing this issue. No v1s had been reported since this thread first started. 

There was a initial test beta that same out about a year go that didn't work. This 2nd test beta came out last last year. 


Why we are checking and conforming router serial numbers. Again, this patch is only for v2 since v1 hadn't been seeing this issue. There would be no need for v1 users.

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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

Could I please get the rc firmware update?


Having random reboots, mostly seems during downloading large files (sometimes multiple times during the same download).


Router: RAX120v2

Serial number: 6K0....

ISP: Ziggo

Modem type: Either a proprietary Arris or Compal

Modem is in bridge mode

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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

Could I please get the beta.

Router: rax120v2
serial: 6JY
Modem: Netgear cm1000
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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

I ask again

My serial starts with 6K0

I have the v2 model ... please send me the firmware update.

Thank you.

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Re: RAX120 V2 Constant Random Reboots

Here is a link to a beta firmware that has fixes for the reboot issue. Please let me know if you have any other issues with this firmware https://ntgr.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#300000000xsV/a/8b000000lpfE/ewZuT7whqirNo5U_QG.WfrQU.h0pa5dqpb...

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