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Re: RAX120 and MS510TXPP Network Setup


RAX120 and MS510TXPP Network Setup


I was looking at setting up my network with the RAX120 and using a Netgear MS510TXP switch which has 10G and 5G multip-gig ports to utilise the 5G port on the RAX120. I was then going to use the switch to use agreagate ports on my old NAS, which should theorectially give me at least 2Gb transmission fro the MS510TXP switch to the RAX120. My 2 questions is, would this setup work and secondly can you do aggregrate porting on MS510TXPP ? Unfortunately my NAS is old and doesn't have a 10G port. 


Thanks in advance. 



Model: MS510TXPP|8-port PoE+ Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switch with 10G Copper / 10G SFP+ Fiber Uplinks, RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX120 and MS510TXPP Network Setup

I will be using a similar setup soon but will be plugging in my NAS through the 10G port. Look into the manual of the MS510TXPP, I believe it is an L3 managed switched so it will support LACP.

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Re: RAX120 and MS510TXPP Network Setup

Short answer: Yes it should work, and the switch can aggregate ports using LACP and static link aggregation. 


Slightly longer answer: I use LACP/link aggregation between my RAX80 router and the MS510TX (non PoE version of you switch) and the 10G port on the switch is connected to my NAS, so kind of the other way around compared to what you are planning (but both setups are supported by your equipment). One thing to remember is that you will only get the speed of the weakest link in the chain, for instance any device connected to your wifi will not be able to saturate the 5G connection between yout router and switch. Multiple connections will se a benefit though.


Additionally, link aggregation will not improve single device throughput, that is to say that you will not get 2G speeds when transfering a file between the NAS and a single client (even if the client has a NIC capable of greater speeds than 1G). What link aggregation gives you is redundancy if one link should fail, and better aggregated speeds, i. e. two clients can transfer at 1G speeds at the same time from the NAS (given that the NAS has enough read/write speed). So in your case, an example would be two wifi 6 clients could potentially transfer a file from the NAS at 1G speeds each at the same time (given good enough wifi connection, read speeds etc). 

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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