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RAX15 Unstable Wifi


RAX15 Unstable Wifi

I have bought the RAX15 and replaced with very old router.

At the firstime with factory firmware...it showed better 2.4ghz wifi speed, but coverage was not great and 5ghz was unstable.

(2.4ghz wifi signal was good, but the speed was radiply dropped according to distance...5ghz showed better coverage with consistent speed)

So, I have updated new firmware in Netgear website. 5ghz showed great performance and stable. In contrast, 2.4ghz showed very unstable signal. Today, 2.4ghz showed frequent dropoff the speed and disconnected. I have got stress a lot because of RAX15. I'm disappointed that I choose this brand. Is there any way to solve this problem??? If there is no way, I will return it and buy A brand router. 

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Re: RAX15 Unstable Wifi

Hello pal333, 


If you recently purchased the router please note that your device is provided with 90 days of complimentary support and you may access it using the link below. Furthermore, may you provide us with the firmware version your router is currently on. You may try changing the WiFi channel on your 2.4ghz band to see if that would help. 





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