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RAX20-100NAS Q21 electronic component


RAX20-100NAS Q21 electronic component


I just burnt my RAX20-100NAS with a 24V power source and now main board Q21 electronic component seems toasted, and I would like to fix it. Can anyone please confirm if it is a X7DL10 component in order for me to try to buy online and change it for a new one?
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Re: RAX20-100NAS Q21 electronic component

Not sure if you will find this information here in the forums as most user don't open there router cases. 
You might contact NG support and check about a replacement. 


You might try changing the part out if you feel this is the one that's been toasted. Might replace any parts in this line as well that could have been toasted as these could have been fried as well. Hopefully only one part would have took the blow. 


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Re: RAX20-100NAS Q21 electronic component

You can fry multiple components when you apply the wrong voltage. 

It might not just be that chip/capacitor/supply thats bad. 

I'd take a look at amazon as they have pretty cheap WAX202's (similar performance to the rax20) right now. Plus quite a few renewed AX devices. 

Might be better of calling it a mistake and not wasting the time. 


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