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RAX20 bricked?


RAX20 bricked?

Just got a RAX20 locally, it managed to go through the initial setup process via Android. It updated its self with the latest firmware and it looked liked it was working properly. It managed to score on the speed test from the app very well, but after launch brake I couldn't connect on neither wifi networks, while on etherner it was still working and a little bit after that there was no way I could connect to the router.

Tried all the recommended ways to hard reset the router but seems nothing is working. The power light just stays orange and the second light, white. Occasionally I get light "1" blinking, once the power light became white again (tried factory reset) but still nothing makes the router being reachable via ethener connection to pc or over wifi.

Is this thing bricked? The way I bought it, means it's not under warranty unfortunately.
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Re: RAX20 bricked?

If a normal factory reset or a 30-30-30 reset doesn't bring the unit back to normal operation, return it to where you got it. 

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Re: RAX20 bricked?

You can try recovering it with tftp or nmrpflash.
are you on windows? if so, follow this guide
just make sure you enable tftp

and here's a video walk through using a tftp client. Use the built in one for windows 10 though. the video is more of an example of how its done.

and if that doesn't work, you can try using nmrpflash

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