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RAX20 won't turn on


RAX20 won't turn on

I have had my RAX20 router for about 2 years now. We had some storms lately, but the router itself is plugged into a surge protected outlet. Ever since, the router will not turn on and lights do not appear. I have tried resetting the router to no avail. I contacted Customer Support, and they were wanting to charge the price of the router for some kind of "fixation" thing lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: RAX20 won't turn on

Are you sure the power supply is still functional?
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Re: RAX20 won't turn on

@samata wrote:

I contacted Customer Support, and they were wanting to charge the price of the router for some kind of "fixation" thing lol.

Be careful who you talk to.


If you called a number that you found with a web search, that almost certainly had nothing to do with Netgear.


Netgear itself does not provide paid for support. It farms handles that through GearHead Technical Support, which supports all sorts of kit.


GearHead Support


Web searches can deliver results that scream "Netgear support" at the top but that turn out to be anything but. Using them can be dangerous, for your network and your bank balance.



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Re: RAX20 won't turn on

The "check the power supply" suggestion is very valid. usually if something is corrupt in the router, you at least get lights. Maybe something in the storm fried the power supply. Or tripped the power strips breaker. Does everything else on the power strip work?

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Re: RAX20 won't turn on

Having a surge protector in front of a device is useless when thunder and lightning are out and about.


Check the marketing for these devices and they will warn you that they are not up to the job.


Do Surge Protectors Protect Against Lightning?


Does A Surge Protector or a UPS Protect Against Lightning?


Lightning can deliver too big a spike that is much faster than the protection can handle.


If you have a spare adapter/transformer with the same output as the suspect one try that. The good news is that the adapter may have blown up before the spike hit the router.

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