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RAX200 Readyshare on LAN problem


RAX200 Readyshare on LAN problem

I own RAX200 for almost a year. At the beginning there was a readycloud service was letting me access my files over internet. It stopped working for few months and last week i got email saying Netgear is not going to support this feature anymore.


Last week I found my router has reset itself after automatic firmware update. I reconfigured all the settings and make it work as before. I was happy since I tried to access files over my Windows 10 PC. It gave me wrong username and password warning. Now i cant reach any of files over LAN. I can see them on http but not on ftp. I tried changing usb drive, reformatting with different file systems, changing user name, password and all settings under readyshare tab but no luck.


It was a good feature I was using and I expect to keep it using on a $400 router.

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