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Re: RAX200 vs. Wifi 6 Mesh Networks with 40+ devices


RAX200 vs. Wifi 6 Mesh Networks with 40+ devices

am looking for some strong advise from the group - Thanks in advance for your support.


I have a 4,000 sq ft home on 3 floors (Basement, Main & 2nd floor) with approx 40 devices connected, Smart Home, Phones, TVs, Alexa(s), Thermostats - Ie: ALOT of devices. I have a 500 MB connection, into an ORBI RBK50 Router + Satelite system currently but will be moving to GIGA speed in the next month.


I'm ready to move to WIFI 6, as I have so many devices, but I am nervous about moving back down from a Mesh Netowrk to a Single Router.  The RAX200 is a Tri-Band AX router (when released) will be super strong, and should be able to handle the 40 + devices, but if by going with this unit will I be losing anything that a Mesh Network provides ??   According to the specs, I should get good coverage off the RAX200, but do I need to wait for Mesh WIFI 6 ?  When I stream multiple TVs, I get a log jam sometimes (I trust it's due to 40 devices on the network), but I plan to put approx 6 TV's with ROKU / Apple TV on the network and want to eliminate traffic tieups.... Will RAX200 do the trick for me ?  If the only difference between a single router such as RAX200 based on specs as efficient as a WIFI 6 Mesh network will be ? 


Thanks in advance.


Model: RAX200|Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router
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Re: RAX200 vs. Wifi 6 Mesh Networks with 40+ devices

Hello Rickp703 - Just wanted to let you know, we are expecting Orbi with WiFi 6 to be released towards the later end of the year. Certainly something to be on the lookout for. Stay tuned for more details! 



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Re: RAX200 vs. Wifi 6 Mesh Networks with 40+ devices

I've used the Arris AX11000 system (mesh) and it did do a great job of needing less satellites to compare to my Orbi system. But after usage, I ended up going back to Orbi because the Arris didn't have all the features I wanted and still needed fine tuning on the firmware.

With having 4000 sq ft (i only have 3200), I'd wait on the Orbi mesh as I've also used the RAX200 and it struggled at distances versus the Orbi providing great coverage. 

It'll be interesting to see how the Orbi AX does in comparison when it comes out. 

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Re: RAX200 vs. Wifi 6 Mesh Networks with 40+ devices

Thanks for the reply.  Over the Holiday, I purchased the (2) pack of the Arris Surfboard Pro Max (AX11000) & set it up.  Not bad.  Not great either - I have a disconnect every night thus far & the network is not self repairing (if you are attached to a node, you just get dropped) and the features within the app are sub-par.  On another note, I did hear (via tomsguide.com) https://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-wifi-6-routers,review-6115.html that Orbi AX Wifi6 pricing & release date will be announced on Sept 6th, 2019.  We'll see.

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