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RAX35 - Confused about installation


RAX35 - Confused about installation



This may be a stupid question and I apologize. I just installed the RAX35 Router and realized it came with a CAT 6 Cable but no phone cable and there is nowhere to plug the line from the wall into the router. Do I need to purchase another piece? I was trying to replace the old Modem/Router that the internet provider gave me. I got it working but right now it goes


From the wall jack tinto the internet plug using a regular phone cord, then I plugged the cat6 cable into the old modem/router (port 1) then into the internet port in the back of the nighthawk. Does this sound right? I was hoping to get rid of the old modem/router.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: RAX35 - Confused about installation

The RAX35 is a router only. it isn't a modem. If you have dsl, you'd need a dsl modem. 

If you're prior setup was a dsl modem/router device then you might still need to use that device but place it in modem only/passthrough mode. 

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Re: RAX35 - Confused about installation

Thank you very much. I found the instructions to set it to modem only.

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