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Re: RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter


RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter

Nighthawk RAX43, Operation Mode: Access Point, Firmware Version: V1.0.12.120_2.0.83


New laptop running Win11 and using Killer WiFi 6E AX1675i 160MHz (211NGW) adapter.


Every time AX1675i connect to RAX43, it will kill the AP causing it to freeze or hanged.  Every connected devices looses Internet access or drop connections completely.



  1. Updated all drivers using Intel Auto Updater.
  2. AX1675i connected to my mobile hotspot result = no issue.
  3. AX1675i connected to a Starbuck store result = no issue.
  4. AX1675i connected to Memory Express (where I brought my laptop) store result = no issue.
  5. AX1675i connected to Telus Modem / WiFi T3200M result = no issue.


After trail and error for 8 hours, I can confirmed it is an issue with the RAX43.

  • Firmware is up to date.
  • AP is operational if AX1675i is not connected.
  • It is NOT a channel issue or signal issue.
  • MUST disable OFDMA feature to allow AX1675i to connect without crashing the network.


I hope Netgear is reading this as disabling OFDMA feature is a waste of this unit!


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Re: RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter

Did you try factory resetting the router and testing it in its default configuration? 

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Re: RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter

OFDMA is not compatible with all devices. Even if it is, you'll see minor gains.
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Re: RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter

I don't think resetting the RAX43 to factory default will resolve the issue as it is working fine as long as Killer AX1675i adapter is not connected it.


  • OFDMA is related to the way how wireless signals are segmented, channel, and bandwidth is managed.
  • OFDMA allows better sharing and utilization of bandwidth within the network when there are many devices connected.
  • In my case, without Killer AX1675i connected, OFDMA seems to provide approximately 10% to 15% gains.


In the future, when chance and time permits, I might give the resetting to default option a try - but I am not hopeful on the result.


Unfortunately, I don't have another unit with OFDMA capability to test with the Killer AX1675i adapter.  However, I doubt that Intel nor Killer will manufacture adapter that is not in compliance with wireless standards around the world.  Nonetheless, it is sad and unfortunate for me to experience this in my unit which further shattered my expectation from Netgear equipment.

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Re: RAX43 must disable OFDMA to work with Killer AX1675i adapter

OFDMA may or may not be always the best feature. Doesn't mean you have to have it enable or disabled. 



Seems that maybe the mfr of your adapter could help improve as well. Maybe two sides to this. 

I've seen Killer features cause problems that normal are not seen with other branded adapters. Killer add there own features (QoS) and items that may and can cause issues regarding operation and compatibility with brand name wifi routers. Not the first time. 

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