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Re: RAX43 (sudden) drop in Wifi Speed


RAX43 (sudden) drop in Wifi Speed

Product: Netgear NightHawk RAX43 Approx. 1 Yr. Old (just out of warranty)



1.Until yesterday:

a.  Ethernet Speed of 300 - 325 Mbps 

b.  Wifi:  2.4 Ghz speed btw  250 and 300 Mbps - from any room in the house (3100 sq ft)

c. Wifi 5Ghz speed @ 300 + in office (right next to router) and btw 250 and 300 Mbps @ TV (approx. 300 ft, away)


2. Yesterday lighting storm with a close hit (across the street - fortunately no damage) 


a. Ethernet DL Speed same as yesterday

b. Wifi DL speeds measured next to router:

 1. 2.4 Ghz - between 40 and 90 @ 30 tests on three different devices - all consistently the same result

 2. 5 Ghz - Does connect but ... between 5 and 20 Mbps - again 30 tests on three different devices - all consistently the same result.


Other Info: 


a.  All three "test" devices support the wifi 6 standard, have the latest drivers and are all new within the last month.

b. The Nighthawk app (using Menu Item "Internet Speed) returns a DL speed of approx. 300 Mbps (under Internet Speed menu item) 


Steps Taken:

Checked for new firmware version on the Netgear site

Rebooted Router ( twice)

Tested (as noted above) Three devices in (very) close proximity to router

Contacted ISP (although the Ethernet connection seems OK) but they cannot assist with troubleshooting my (owned) equipment (the router)


ISP Type: WISP using 5Ghz technology (not wireless carrier)


After having to replace my router last year due to another storm (that one was classified as a "1 every 100 years!) I really am hoping that someone here has any thoughts that might help find a different solution. 


PS:  The storm last year "fried" the ethernet ports on the old (well it was only approx. a yr. old as well 😞 ) router causing it not to work at all - a much easier troubleshooting "journey" than the current situation!  


Thanks in advance for any insights!












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Re: RAX43 (sudden) drop in Wifi Speed

A couple things. 

1. try reinstalling the firmware to it and then doing a factory reset and reinstall. If something was corrupt in either the firmware or the settings, a reinstall and then reset should clear them both out. 

2. I've never seen 2.4ghz hit 300mbps of actual throughput. link speed sure. But actual speed through it, not a single time. 2.4ghz is a much slower network than 5ghz. Plus its more sensitive to interference. If it was link speed you were talking about, try logging into the router and changing what wireless channel you're on. Maybe one of the neighbors routers rebooted in the storm and changed to be on the same channel as yours. 

3. You were hitting 300mbps at over 300ft away from the router?! again, something I've never seen before. My home has the same square footage (roughly) as yours and my whole lot is only 75ft by 225ft (roughly 1/3 acre). If my router is in the home and i'm in the back corner of my lot, my connection isn't fast (tested it). And I'm still not 300ft away. So thats an impressive distance to reach. (not saying your lot isn't bigger or that you don't have a grandmother suite separate from the home, just using mine for example). 


With #2 and #3, I'm a bit more curious whats actually going on because those numbers don't really match up to actual throughput speeds from ANY of the devices I've tested. 

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Re: RAX43 (sudden) drop in Wifi Speed

Thank you for the reply / suggestions Plemans!




1. " reinstalling ... "   I will update the post on this one.   I have held out on reinstalling (flashing) the firmware as I have the ISP service tech coming out to take a look at their equipment.    If they don't find anything wrong on their end I will try this 🙂

2. "... never seen .."    I think I overstated the 2.4Ghz speed -  although I was looking at through put and not link  speed.   I went back and viewed my history of tests and the highest that I hit on 2.4 was 240.    I was testing right next to the router so distance did not come in to play for this (stored) result. 


3. ".... hitting 300 .. "   Yep.    But I am in an area north of PHX were all the homes are on 1 to 1 1/3 acres with no two-story homes and no powerlines.  We are also nestled between 3 (not yet sold) "state trust land" plots (1 sq mile each)  so not a lot of interference from commercial development.


Again, thank you for the response and I will update the post once I have greater insight from my ISP tech.


Best Regards,





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Re: RAX43 (sudden) drop in Wifi Speed

Glad to see you hitting those speeds on the RAX43. 

The review of the RAX40 is more along the max lines of 150mbps. 


The RAX50 gets a more 180mbps but thats a little higher performing router. 



If you're hitting it, great to hear. Kudo's to you. 

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