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RAX45 slow wired speeds, but fast/normal wifi speeds.


RAX45 slow wired speeds, but fast/normal wifi speeds.

I just purchased the RAX45 4 days a go. I also bout a CM1000 modem thinking my old CM500 was shot. I couldn't get WIFI or Hardwired connection with my R7000 nighthawk.


 I've managed to set everything up just fine, Wifi is connected and getting the speeds I pay for (If not a bit faster 200/20) Connecting my PC in the router for Lan, and I am only getting (8mbps/.5mbps). I've tried connecting straight to the Modem and everything works fine there. I've tried a different cable, same result. I can get other computers to connect, but they drop hardwired connection after trying to load a webpage. I've tried all the ports with the same results. I've tried every trick I know, have looked at every fourm, I just can't seem to figure this out. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: RAX45 slow wired speeds, but fast/normal wifi speeds.

1. what firmware is on the router?

2. is it only 1 device having the issue? have you test multiple hardwired devices?

3. how are you testing the speeds? 

4. have you tried different ports on the router? 


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Re: RAX45 slow wired speeds, but fast/normal wifi speeds.


First and foremost, thank you for the reply.


1. After hooking everything up, the first thing I did was update the firmware to I then installed 1 update older thinking that might help. So currently it's running (by the way, I put the wrong modle in the description. I have the RAX43 not 45)


2. I have tried to hardwire my laptop with no sucess. Not sure why, but it won't connect. I do not have another device to try.


3.I've tested the speeds via xfinitys speed test and ookla.


4.I have tried every port.


New devolpment. I hooked my netgear A6210 AC1200 High Gain WIFI USB adapter to the computer and i'm getting the same results as being hardwired. I'm getting extremely high latency along with the very slow speeds.  All other decives (phones, tablets,switches, laptop) connected via the wifi are working at proper speeds. I'm assuming this might be a computer issue, just not sure what.

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Re: RAX45 slow wired speeds, but fast/normal wifi speeds.

New update. Took a minute to dig out my old computer running a fx6300, and a mobo that supports 1GBPS Ethernet. I hardwired into it, and it seems to be getting full speed. I'm using the same cable that connects into my main computer. So I know it's not that. Also, connected the wifi usb and also getting the full speeds that supports. So I'm guessing this is an issue with my Mobo or drivers.

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